•Taking back success from the “American Dream”
People spend their entire life chasing the magical idea of the “American Dream” and life balance, viewing their lives as a limited resource. We constantly re-evaluate where we spend our time and energy to attempt to figure out how to progress in careers, family life and personal life. Stop chasing what everyone else wants and learn how you can change your paradigm of success and start focusing on your dream and use Life Leverage to make it happen. Learn a proven system of goal setting, using life areas to leverage you effectiveness, and how to tap into the “power of the AND.”

•What are the chances?
In March of 2007 the Jensen’s were involved in a 55 mph head on collision when they were hit by a truck on a two lane highway on the island of Maui. After months of rehabilitation for both Kent and his son, Nick, the family started recovery only to have to dig out from underneath mountains of medical bills, lost income, and a business interruption that affected a number of employees. When the unthinkable happens and you are left to pick up the pieces, you will discover how important planning really is.

•A Life Worth Living
People get where they are in life because they make decisions based on where they don’t want to be. Imagine what life could be like if every decision was based on where you wanted to be. Learn how to use goals to discover you God given purpose, create a system of habits that make success a given, and then re-invent yourself every three years.

•Go Long
After a devastating car accident that nearly severed his leg, Kent Jensen set a goal to run again. Not only did he run again but he ran further than he ever had. Having been a marathon runner he was no stranger to endurance sports but after the trauma he discovered that he could go further. A veteran of numerous ‘ultra’ marathons he continues to run 50k’s, 50 miles and even further. Learn how you can achieve more than you thought possible with the proper mindsets.

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