What we believe:
We believe everyone can attain their dream. That each of us can develop that dream with help, that we need not be constrained in our thinking, and that with help we can all create a better life. By discovering your dreams one thing will become clear in time. That one thing is your MISSION. All dreams point to your MISSION.

Who we are:
Envision a 21st century lifestyle where your dreams are fulfilled at your fingertips, delivered at your price, at your time. Imagine the power in writing your life’s story, and having exactly that delivered to you with no more than a few clicks on a web page or mobile device. Through a combination of personal dream setting, social media, accountability, and like-minded community meet-ups, you will be led to turn your dreams into reality. By simply dreaming, you will harness the power of connecting with millions of individuals and be granted the ability to live your life out loud and move others to do the same.

dreaMISSION was founded by Kent Jensen and Amy Hauser to help everyone achieve their dreams. We want to allow everyone to have access to goal tracking, personal productivity and coaching no matter your financial situation.

After spending years of working with many different personal coaches, consultants and speakers we realized that for every one person who gets access to these people thousands do not. It is our goal to bring this to every person.